Running your electric RC car

July 20 :: Category - RC Car Info

Setting up and running an electic RC car is a pretty straight forward process.  To get started, let’s go over the basic components:

Rechargeable battery packs are used to power the motor of electric RC cars.  A battery charger is necessary for recharging.  An individual battery pack can last up to ten minutes, but it really depends on the engine of your car.  It only takes about twenty minutes to fully charge the battery. It is important to have a spare battery pack that is charged in case you run out of power in the ones already being used.  This way, you can also enjoy your RC car for a longer time.  The quality of the batteries also plays a role in how long they run.  The more quality battery packs and chargers have, the less you would have to spend on replacing bad-quality batteries.

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Electric RC Car Maintenance

July 19 :: Category - RC Car Info

In general, and electric RC car is much easier to operate and care for that a Nitro car, primarily because you won’t have to do any engine tuning, and electric engines don’t wear out as quickly as a nitro engine.  Air filters, fueling and proper care for other engine parts are not necessary for electric RC cars.  The most important aspect of the electric version is the battery pack.  It is important to properly store your battery packs in order for the car to operate efficiently and smoothly.  By taking care of the battery packs, you will also be extending the life of your RC car.

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