Electric RC Car Maintenance

July 19, 2009 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - RC Car Info

In general, and electric RC car is much easier to operate and care for that a Nitro car, primarily because you won’t have to do any engine tuning, and electric engines don’t wear out as quickly as a nitro engine.  Air filters, fueling and proper care for other engine parts are not necessary for electric RC cars.  The most important aspect of the electric version is the battery pack.  It is important to properly store your battery packs in order for the car to operate efficiently and smoothly.  By taking care of the battery packs, you will also be extending the life of your RC car.

Once you have an electric RC car, you will at some point experience some problems.  While these cars are easy to maintain because of the way they are powered, they still can cause issues that even a real car will have.   These problems include flat tires, dents and headlights that do not work.  Most issues with an RC car can be resolved with simple hand tools (i.e. a screwdriver, nut driver, etc), however you may have to purchase special tools to take care of certain problems or buy replacement parts.  At times, all it takes is just some super glue and paint to fix body damage on an RC.  To replace tires, you can take some off of an old RC car or purchase replacements.

Modifying an electric RC car is one way many people maintain their cars.  These improvements will make your care more efficient and smoother.  You can always give your car a fresh coat of paint to keep it clean and looking new.  You can even add stickers for a unique look.  Lengthening the antenna of your radio controlled car will let you get more range as well.

While these are just some ideas, taking care of your electric RC is not a challenge.  As long as you have the right battery packs, chargers and a working transmitter, you can be sure that your RC car is ready to roll.  To really test the potential of your car, you can take it to RC car races and compete with other hobbyists.