Electric RC Cars

Battery powered and electric RC cars have been burning up the streets for years.  From the classic 1:10 scale replicas of real life sports cars to hopped up buggies capable of taking any jump of trick that you can throw at them.  At Fastest RC Car.com we’re RC enthusiasts, we live breath and eat RC cars (well… ok, we don’t actually eat them).


If you’re looking for an electric, or battery powered RC car you’ve come to the right place, but first, we need to go over some of the basics of electric RC cars.

Why an electric and not gas powered RC car?  Well, electric cars have alot of advantages over gas – it’s true that gas powered remote controls can go faster, but you can’t use them indoors (they make tons of smoke), and gas is alot noiser than electric (try running your gas powered car at night – your mom and neighbors will be on you right away!).

A less obvious but equally important advantages of electric are that they provide constant, immediate torque.  With a gas powered car, there is a brief delay from when you hit the throttle until the engine actually makes power, and even then, the gas engine makes most of it’s power towards it top end, and less power right off the line.  A quiet and cool electric engine will make 100% torque instantly and immediately.

Speaking of heat, that gas powered engine is going to get hot, and eventually wear out, the same way a gas powered engine in a automobile will wear out, and you’ll have to replace the engine in your RC car.  You don’t need that headache – go with a quiet, cool and quick electric powered RC car.