Running your electric RC car

July 20, 2009 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - RC Car Info

Setting up and running an electic RC car is a pretty straight forward process.  To get started, let’s go over the basic components:

Rechargeable battery packs are used to power the motor of electric RC cars.  A battery charger is necessary for recharging.  An individual battery pack can last up to ten minutes, but it really depends on the engine of your car.  It only takes about twenty minutes to fully charge the battery. It is important to have a spare battery pack that is charged in case you run out of power in the ones already being used.  This way, you can also enjoy your RC car for a longer time.  The quality of the batteries also plays a role in how long they run.  The more quality battery packs and chargers have, the less you would have to spend on replacing bad-quality batteries.

The right way to use an electric RC car is to begin by breaking in the motor.  Before you actually drive your car full-on, the motor has to be broken in to ensure efficiency.  Keep in mind that any time you change the brushes of the car, you must break it in again.  To properly break in your motor, you can run the car while the wheels are in the air at minimum power for about five minutes.  This way, the engine will ease in and will not have to face any damages.  By breaking in your electric RC car, the motor will at its best.

The more you drive your electric RC car, the more you would have to change the brushes.  This also means that you would have to change the engine when your car goes through many runs and races.  You can modify your electric RC car by installing a faster motor, using high powered batteries and having ball bearings.  You can reach speeds over 40 mph with modifications.

To drive an electric RC, you would need a radio control unit, battery charger, and battery.  Of course, you would need the actual car as well.  The radio control unit is the most important part as it powers up your car.  It also controls the speed and direction of the car.  The control unit is composed of the transmitter, receiver, battery holder, power switch and horns.  The transmitter also requires AA batteries, which can be rechargeable.  Rechargeable ones carry less voltage and would require an extra charger.

Nowadays, you can find ready-to-run electric RC cars (RTR) whereas you would have to purchase kits before.  RTR cars come complete with all the necessary accessories and can be driven in no time.

While anyone can enjoy electric RC cars, these cars are best for beginners looking for a thrilling ride.  This is because they are easier to use and cleaner to maintain.  Above all, they are best for learning how to control an RC car.  Sooner or later, you and your electric RC car can head to the races.  They are speed and fun to control.  Best of all they require less work to use and take care of.